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Fuel door closure and cracked bumper rubber


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Please see the attached photos. I have mislaid and forgotten what the closure mechanism looks like for the fuel door (1973 Datsun 610 Station Wagon). Could anyone show me a photo of the part that I have mislaid?


What material should I use to patch large cracks in bumper rubber. I find it's very difficult to patch with caulk, even RTV caulk, because it shrinks when it cures. For patching interior plastic rubber, I have used body filler but that works because there is no direct sunlight and no flexing of the parts. I don't know how to effectively fill the cracks in the bumper rubber. All suggestions welcomed.






31236334890_89a6717120_b.jpgFuel door & bumper by Donald Broz, on Flickr

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Black urethane might work. Like tire rubber when cured.





Closest thing I could find. My 710 has a small bent part like the picture but without the lock. It just strikes the matching part on the car body and is springy. Holds the door closed but releases when pulled.

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Thanks for the great photos. Anyone have an idea if there is a salvage place that might have the door mechanism?  Maybe I will just have to make the latch.


Oh, Datzunmike,I had another ridiculous bout of non-idle. When I checked out the solenoid I found two things: 1) The plug-in connection to the solenoids wire was a real sloppy fit, so I crimped the connector to where it was a snug fit...then the solenoid's lead wire broke off (it looked like it has been holding on by just one wire strand, the plasticshielding was completely cracked. I was able to get enough wire strands to solder the connection wire, and then I used two sizes of heatshrink to hold it together. Works perfect now but I think I better buy a new one to keep in reserve.

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