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74' 620 Lower your standard build thread


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It’s in...


Jesus.. long day of this shit.


I’ll take pictures later. I’m suuuuuper doubtful it’ll make it to Canby this year... but hey, it’s not for lack of effort.

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I like leather and just recently put a pair of buckets in the front from a Subaru. Spent some time in an MG when younger and the seat molds to your ass shape (over time) just like a baseball glove. It's resilient, easy to clean and wears well. Most of all it's 'organic' and recycling a left over by-product from the production of steaks, which taste really good. Secondary... it's a 'bite me' to animal rights activists and vegans.

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The canvas, batting, and jute I used are el naturale. The foam isn’t... but I couldn’t find any that was. To offset that I’ll see if I can import some chromium tanned leather.


And some mercury set felt... just for effect.

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I have been lookin here they sell whole hides cheaper than I can leather local.




Check out their closeouts to save even more.

Thanks buddy!


That site is a gold mine. I could recreate the stock vinyl cover basket weave style in brown for a few hundred dollars.


Or I could do a green croc skin... either way I’m leaving the canvas base I have on there now. This build could be fucking crazy.

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Aaaaaaaand... here we are again.  Let me answer a few questions I doubt you’ll ask, but let’s pretend.


Yes, I still have this.  I still have a plan for it.  It runs and I actually drove it around today. 

Life got in the way of Ratsun Life, but I’m back so it’s time to get back to work.


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8 hours ago, hobospyder said:

Alright thanks. Would a steam machine help any with some stretch or just fuck that product better off buying something else?

I think you could massage it in there. But I just haven’t.  I’ll try a heat gun and let you know what I think. 


5 hours ago, ]2eDeYe said:

Running and driving is a good place to be. 🙂

Very much so.  Once I finish with my tool upgrades I’ll start collecting KA24E parts. I know of a guy who makes mounts and suggested the engine.  Lol

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One of the fun things about moving and the completely remodeling a shop is breaking things. Since my dust bin died, a valiant and brave death, it’s been replaced with this.  I figure there’s at least one old school guy here that recognizes Moon Eyes Yokohama.


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Sooo.... paint pick and prep time.  Eastwood offers a discount for frosty c***s so I’ll be going through them.  

I’m leaning towards that light blue.






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It’s a little to close to my car’s color though.  But damn that would be a good color. 

Then I’d like to do a nice grey on the bay.

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