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Wheel width on bubble flared 510?


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Hey folks, sorry for another wheel fitment thread, but I am searching around and don't see how wide or what offset one can go WITH flares? Lotsa info without flares.


My 73 is already cut for flares by the PO and the fronts are flared. So I was thinking of running with it.


-Stock front struts with coil overs and camber plates

-Stock rear


Reason I ask is a sweet deal came up on a staggered set of Panasports, and I know they won't fit my stock bodied/strut 510, but what about a flared car with bubble or BRE flares? (I am miles away from being ready for wheels on my 73, but it is a sweeeeeet deal.)


Will these fit a flared car? (I am guessing by the lip they are ET +0)


14X8 +0

14X7 +0



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I have 15x8.25 +0 with 225/45/15 on all 4 corners on my bubble flared car. Stock 510 struts with coil-overs and camber plates. They fit fine on 3 corners with plenty of room, the front right rubs the sidewall a little bit on bumps, so not sure whats up with that side. Not bad enough to not run them. You should probably be good with those.

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Will these fit a flared car? (I am guessing by the lip they are ET +0)


14X8 +0

14X7 +0


Fronts actually aren't wide enough...   ^_^


BRE flares, 15x8 +0, 205/50s, room to spare...






Could have easily run 225s in the back, maybe in the front too. I'd put max wheel width at around 8.5" front and 9" rear, depending on tire size.


Meaning, you could fit more if you wanted a big stretch on the tire...

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This is an old visual trick from back in the day. Stand your g/f beside a larger chick and she will look thinner the other will look larger. In '71 a co worker had a '67 Mustang GT (Steve McQueen) car. He put G70s front and H70s on the back. Fawk the backs looked huge. Nice score!

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