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14x6 ZX rims, what size tires?


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Both my 710s have 5.5JJ X 14 factory mags. One has 215/60R14s on the back. That's about 8.5" wide and they look fine. My goon has 195/60R14 that are over 7.5" wide.  Generally wide is better, and better looking that too narrower. I wouldn't go less that the rim width or they look like rubber bands.  I know it's a 'look' thing but wider grips better also. Over 7" starts to look a little pretentious and driving in bad weather takes more attention. Might even be worse on a lighter car.



Slots were out of style by the time the zx came out. I don't think those are zx or any other Z car factory rims, just after market. Somewhat period correct and look great on a 510..

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What size tires are members running on their 510? This is the 6 star factory wheel. I'd like a lower stance look....


I always ran a 185/60-14. A little shorter in height than a 195, but not as short as the 185/55. Good for moderate lows, less rubbing. 






But also good for the "too lows"...   :rofl:



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8" wide and 22" tall. The 510 came with 5:60 13s which would be close to 23.2" diameter so a little short which will throw the speedo out and lower the car very slightly.


These are closer to stock in 14" rim


205/55R14 is 8" and 22.88" tall.

205/60R14 is 8" wide and 23.7" tall

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