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My 1971 521


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Yeah my L16 didn't leak there at all but L20b does and has since I dropped it in there.  At this point I guess I am just living with because I have absolutely no interest in pulling the trans and or engine to see if the rear main is lekaing.  

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1 hour ago, mainer311 said:

Mine does too, even on my new L20b build. I'm convinced the rear main is FUBAR.




If the rear main seal it would be dripping out that small hole on the bottom of the transmission and the engine plate.

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23 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

If the rear main seal it would be dripping out that small hole on the bottom of the transmission and the engine plate.


It would weep out anywhere along that plate, but I've had pan leaks and they appear the same way. They weep down the outside of the plate and then get wicked up into the crack. 

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2 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Rear main oil leaks can get flung around by the flywheel and don't always just leak at the hole it the bottom.


Gravity always wins.

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Oil will always work it's way downward and out that drain hole. It might be flung around inside the bell housing but it's sealed between it and the block by the engine plate. It may cause a 'wetness' somewhere around that seal but will most definitely take the easy way out that hole.


If it's dry start looking at the oil pan gasket or the two curtain seals on the rear main cap.

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14 hours ago, thisismatt said:

FFS, shoot everything with degreaser, rinse, and then check it after the first drive. Maybe shake some flour on it and look for the wet spot 😅


Nah I don't got time for that.  My truck has been parked at my brother-in-laws condo for sometime now.   


The Aston Martin has taken its spot in the garage for the immediate future.  Installed an anti roll bar from a coupe, 11mm spacers all around, got the rear window tinted to match the sides (roof was replaced) and the chrome window trim wrapped in satin black.  Next up is probably some ceramic brake pads to cut down on the insane amount of brake dust and maybe a set of wheels/suspension.   On the fence on how far I go with this car based solely on the fact on whether or not we keep it.  



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On 6/22/2022 at 7:05 PM, mainer311 said:

I did tickle the drain plug for a while.

Exit only.


Go for the vajayjay.

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Thinking of selling my truck, don't drive it much anymore and seems like I prefer building it vs driving it after the fact.  BAT is willing to take it and I have been hesitant to pull the trigger because I feel like there will be some regret in doing so.  Anyone sold one of these fuckers and regretted it?  

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Yeah I figure I would regret it and it costs me nothing really than my time to own it ($200 insurance annually).  My problem is I have 4 cars and 2 drivers and just seems like overkill to have 4 cars, 2 of which don't see rain or snow (Aston and Datsun) and I daily drive my M3.  Really want something I can drive year round vs having to park them 90% of the time.  

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I sold my old Datsun truck several years back...I still miss it...don't sell it...


my 2 cents...



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Rationalizing ownership of a classic car or truck is never going to end in your favor. It is, however, an effective way of justifying letting it go. I say have as many different types of vehicles. Never get stuck on just one. That said, there is a price on every single vehicle I own. Even my '57 Land Rover that I built with my dad and my Sprite which came back to me after 20+ years of being owned by someone else. It would take a huge number, but even those two would get sold for the right price.


Have I ever regretted selling? Hell yes. But you get over it. Just make sure you get top dollar. That will make you feel better in the future.


I should never have sold my 1970 Triumph Bonneville though. That literally took up zero space and was beautiful to look at.


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I have 5 cars and 2 drivers. I have recently started thinking about selling the 311 roadster because I haven't driven it in 2 years, but part of me wants to keep for a project "some day." I've had it since 2011, and know I'll be bummed if I let it go.

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