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My 1971 521


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Also one weird thing about getting my seat redone.  I sit way higher now, way higher. 

 I bought a needle scaler from harbor freight and it cleaned them up nicely.   Now I need to cur the urethane bushings but not sure on the best way to do that? Tried with a circular saw but didn’t end up with a clean cut. 

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1 hour ago, d.p said:

Also one weird thing about getting my seat redone.  I sit way higher now, way higher. 

The old paddling was broken down. When you sat on it there wasn't much support.


Th new padding is fresh and stiff, so your butt doesn't sink down as far as it used to. Give it time.

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It’s possible that they tied your springs. They do that so it’s not so bouncy, but it doesn’t allow the springs to sag as much.


I always just trim urethane with a razor blade. It doesn’t saw very well.

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The droopy dick breather hose really tied the engine bay together when the wires ran over the cover. I agree now though it looks out of place.  

Jan 2nd delivery for that filter.  K&N from Amazon but doesn’t match as well as that alibaba one. 


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13 minutes ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

I used to do the crimp plug wires but then would pull off and I said Fuck it and got the NGK ones thy never break.


Knowing you, this doesn't surprise me at all.


The hood on my 521 always smacks my droopy dick. There's no clearance with the hood prop rod. I guess you could say my rod and my dick don't get along.

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2 hours ago, mainer311 said:

I’ve found that you actually need to burp the air from the boot because they fit so tight. Once the air gets burped out, they suction themselves on.

There is a lube for that. Specifically for getting tight fitting boots over spark plugs. The LS crate motors come with a slimy green lube all over the spark plugs.


Also, NGK makes black wires. I was a set on a beautiful 240z resto-mod last night on IG.

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On 10/30/2021 at 1:23 PM, d.p said:

Haven’t fucked with the leaf springs although I did get the eyes all cleaned out. But I did get lonely driver crane neck spark plug holders.   3 and 4 wires are too short so i will fix that eventually.  






Nice radiator hoses. Loosen the top clamp and turn to bottom do its cleaner. And I like the seat, get the panels to match please.

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They are OK, the covering on them is falling apart but the clamps are nice.  I put it that way because I wanted it to be easy to get off if I had to take the radiator out after I put it all back together.  Probably ok to move it now seeing as I have a little under 2k miles on this fucker since swapping the drivetrain.  

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I think I know why my pan was leaking. The stupid rear main seal needle gaskets were protruding out at the bottom of the block.  Therefore the gasket/pan wouldn’t lay flst against the block. 

so I trimmed those and tried to get them as flat as I could and wondering know if I should use a cork gasket, gasket maker or both? 






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