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4 Door 510 from Finland

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Renowating the new garage was not that easy, so it's still ongoing but heres something that has happened lately.


So I moved away from our 120m2 garage to my own 60m2 garage (it might sound good but im also renting a space for my friends BMW for a while to pay the loan)


Heres how it looks at the moment, sorry i couldn't take a photo from outside because of a snow storm in May..




So basically the whole 46m2 downstairs is only for fabricating and building the car, then we made 18m2 upstairs for storaging.





As you can see it's still ongoing progress but it's getting forward all the time! 


Then the 510.. 


We got the right side rear flare installation before i left the old garage.



Last week I got the idea of getting rid of the stock steering box and change it to rack and pinion steering.

Got myself a 260z front subframe and fitted it in, cutted TC rod mounting points away from the front of the engine

bay and installed them to rear just like in the Z. Tomorrow im going to pickup 240z steering rack and column and then I order

outer tie rods from Technotoy.



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Looks like a nice organized space you have to work in now.  Fun to see updates on your project.  Keep 'em coming.


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Here's one photo how the garage looks from outside.




I have ordered lots of parts lately, hopefully they arrive soon so I can share some progress with you! 

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Some progress again.


Cutted the rocker panels aways and repaired some rust spots from the inside. New left side rocker panel is now in but forgot to take the camera to garage yesterday.




Wasn't happy with the pedal box mount i made last time so cutted it away and made a new different style one. Also got the Tilton throttle pedal to match the system.



This is something i made earlier this year but forgot to share it with you. My engine has the rear sump oil pan and i just got a custom racing oil pan for it so didn't want to go

with the JBC kit so found pictures from online someone swapping full 240z steering system to 510 so decided to go with the same solution. (You can find a picture from relocated tension arms from the upper post) So i got the 260z front subframe from a friend (Will order Apex engineering one soon) then got used 240z steering rack and axle from online and made a new firewall for that.


Got the lower steering column from post yesterday so i need to wait for final testing until the rocker panels are in their place and i can take the car down from the rotisserie.





Then cutted a huge hole to trunk floor and installed new Pyrotect fuel cell, more of this next time.



Sold the Volk wheels last week, will go with 13" but calculated that buying brand new custom ones are much easier and actually cheaper option than buy new lips for the old ones.

My other option is to go with 15" but that something i can test when the car is ready.

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