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A 521 in Massachusetts


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Well I ordered the radiator cap from china...  all the dimensions seem to match up so I have my fingers crossed... luckily for now I can still drive the truck... I'll just keep my eye on it more than normal for now. 


I also have a couple adjustable flasher relays on the way... I  installed a couple led taillights and things slowed down...

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Back on the larger task at hand. Getting ready to paint next weekend. Everything has been stripped,  repaired or cleaned up the best I plan on doing.. this week I'll give it a once over and get ready to degreasing and metal prep on Friday night...

Day 1 ( saturday) will be 2 coats top and bottom of the floor with por 15. 

Day 2 will be same on all other sides. 

Day 3 will be actually paint on the outside, 2 coats also....


Yes I am spraying por15, this is the same procedure i used on the cab and I had good results... zero issues in 5 years.. 


Also got the heat shields and box mounting holes drilled...



The stacks required a small bracket on the back... I'm probably going to add a couple side gussets for strength....



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27 minutes ago, mainer311 said:

What do you thin the POR15 with prior to spraying?

They have a solvent....

You add about 5% by volume to spray..


You can use it to clean the tools but I use cheaper stuff, I believe mineral spirits,  to do the cleanup and save the solvent for thinning.... 



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6 hours ago, mainer311 said:

Oh nice, I didn't even realize. The stuff is a mess to brush on, and I gets runs all the time. Seems like spraying would be easier.

It's a mess no matter what but I did find spraying it layed out nice and smooth. You still have the same risk of runs if you try to do a heavy coat but not like when brushing it on.. 



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Interesting update on the radiator cap, today something happened that got me thinking. I am actually using a Gatorade bottle as my overflow bottle, with just a hose going into it with a copper tube extending to the bottom... I think the hose has been slowly expanding over the years because today it popped out of the overflow bottle. This led me to believe that when the cap opens to relieve pressure it's going into a sealed container and pressurizing the overflow bottle also because the hose has now created a seal. This is all just a guess.. so in my typical wisdom I just added a vent to the cap to see how it acts.. 



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Well this seemed to be a solution.. 

No poping sounds this morning from the cap, just a normal amount of coolant in the over flow from expansion.  I'll be checking later that it sucked the fluid back in because it didnt seem to be doing that like it use to either....

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1 hour ago, datzenmike said:

You could also mount the recovery reservoir higher to aid the siphon effect. The 720 reservoir is just under the hood when closed.

I'll keep that in mind when I buy a proper reservoir.  The siphon back wasnt really a problem, and as of now everything seems normal.... 

I'll put it to the test today, getting into the 90s by the afternoon....

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As ready as I'm gonna be for tomorrow.... I have a little bit of setup left but everything should be ready to get the first spray done in the morning.... luckily I taped the adjuster knobs on my paint gun so all I need to do is adjust the air pressure and my process should repeat from when I did the cab..


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1 hour ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

You hosed off the metal prep, right? I remember the first time I used metal prep, the instructions said it could be wiped off with a towel. Nope. The body filler I put on over that didn't even try to stick.

Yes I did..  .


First round started off as a nightmare.  For some reason the gun wasnt spraying right.... luckily i started on the bottom and was able to figure out the issue.... turns out something unscrewed from nozzle on the inside.... after I corrected that things started going better....

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Almost screwed myself... 

The one big drawback to spraying por 15 is getting the gun clean after ....I guess I didn't do a good enough job yesterday, unfortunately the trigger was sticking today and not functioning properly... 

Thankfully I had another one that I used for the final top coat... so I swapped the nozzle over and everything went smooth after that..

That would be until I ran out of por 15 barely finishing the first coat on the outside. 


So now I'm soaking the the gun up to the trigger this time, after disassembling and cleaning what I could....

And now I'm off to find another pint or quart of por15 ...


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1 hour ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

Like running out of concrete while pouring a patio. SUCKS!!!

Luckily I found a can some what local to me.... most places were closed... the last spray used about 8 to 10 ounces and all I could get was a 16 ounce pint so I should have just enough for the final spray with some leftover.....

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