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A 521 in Massachusetts


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51 minutes ago, gene knight said:

cool brackets

If you need a set I'm planning to make more..... I'm 99% sure I'll post some of the next batch in the classifieds.... 3 sets are already spoken for, I'm waiting for a local place to give me a quote on some metal sheared to the size I want.... I'll have enough for 12 sets....

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To those waiting on the door clips they were shipped today....

You should have messages in your mail box with tracking information..


On a side ways not.... I seem to have spent all my spare winter datsun money, luckily I have some small projects to finish up and work on... The reason is our washer and dryer broke and something else is happening today ... not vehicle related but something pretty awesome for my family...

Pictures and story to come later today...

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So this little guy got added to our family today.... about 12 weeks old, he is a boy named Buddy and he is a King Charles Cavaliers Spaniel ..

Not much of a story, we just got really lucky... usually people are waiting 2 or 3 years to get one of these dogs... we happened upon an awesome breeder who doesnt advertise the puppies and its been four years since they have had any available puppies...



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1 hour ago, d.p said:

 Congrats man. Dogs are the fucking best!!  Get a pic of him in your truck. 


He's actually going to work with me for a while, basically till he can last 8 hrs till I come home from work without peeing in the house... hes definitely going to rolling in the datsun...

I realized its been 6 years since my jack Russell Max passed, he's the dog in my profile pic... his collar still rides in the datsun attached to the old leash anchor point I mounted in the cab.... 

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My little friend at work....

He was nervous at first but is fine now..... 

I took him for one ride in the datsun over the weekend just to see how he would be... he didnt seem to be bothered by the truck but the ride did get him a little nervous... maybe he thought I was bringing him back... hopefully that passes....

So I took the Nissan today because I figured just going to work would be alot for him... we will get the datsun after work to get my kid from school.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the truck seemed a little unhappy with me Saturday, the idle was a little wierd and I was get air/fuel ratios up around 18 - 20...

Turns out the exhaust pipe came loose from the header,  I was able to tighten it up better for now.. looks like this winter I will be pulling the header to weld that connection... 

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