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A 521 in Massachusetts


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Backwards how ?

Yes the dyno has a sniffer, but my trip to the dyno was to break in my cam and motor without fucking up, get me some baseline information.... while it served its purpose the carb is far from tuned. And the air/fuel data I did get may have been wrong because of my fuel pressure ..


So the cost of sessions at the dyno with people that dont know how to tune my carb vs the cost of a wideband..


So for me the dyno is a waste around here... and wideband was chosen so I can tune it properly....

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Not much to report.... wideband o2 kit arrived.... got a little anxious and installed the o2 before reading.... had to remove so I could do the initial setup...

Guess I should have read the directions first....

Lost in paint prep.... trying to get the last round of painting parts done by the end of the month....

Leaves a June to assemble

And July to figure what I missed...

August on the road.... Fingers crossed.

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Didn't get to do any work in the garage this weekend.... did the next best thing and ordered more parts....

Got some dynamat on the way

New sending unit for gas tank..

And some other little things...

Trying predict some of the little things I'm missing or wanna replace

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Shit I got a bunch. .. I keep extra gas around for the generator... plus I own atvs .... some of my stuff needs 87 octane some need 93.... and some are 2 stroke .. I actually think I'm missing one of my 5gallon.... I got like 3 propain tanks too...

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  • 4 weeks later...

Also been playing with the electrical... some times I can work on the datsun but I still have to watch and listen for my son... so I finally installed my wideband o2 system.... couldn't be happier.... easy setup ... quick response ...




And no it's not staying there.... dash not installed yet just making sure the electrical is good first... and in the process found I lost ground on the left directional in the cluster.....

The final connection seems to be broken or something at the bulb.... the copper ring doesn't have ground but I can test for it right next to it.... should be an easy fix.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well all the little parts are as ready as they are gonna be . . Hopefully I can start the paint process next Friday

Degrease, then metal prep , then some more por 15....



If I am lucky I'll have the hood ready for next weekend....


After that fenders and doors.....

Running out of time.... the August deadline I set for myself is looking a little tuff to meet..

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Wow I just realized how bad photobucket just screwed over this forum....

I guess I'll post pics when I figure out what to use and how to do it....


First round of paint went well.... I guess I learned a few things from my last attempt at this .... bottom of hood layed out well hopefully I can do as good on the outside....

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