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He is wanting to verify what NPT thread it is from factory so he can match it. So he can connect back up to the pressure safety valve body on the firewall I believe. 


1/8-27 or 1/4-18 NPT. 

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He's somewhere in Europe I believe. I don't know that npt is too common where he is.


Luis, can you post pictures of the parts you are trying to connect?

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Definitely not National Pipe Thread.  About 99% sure they are 10mm fine thread.  I'm out of town and can't check right now, but I would guess they are 1.25 or 1.50 thread pitch.  


Exactly why he was asking. Thank you. this helps a ton.


Usually hydraulic lines use a wedge shape fitting like NPT. 


Japanese is 10mm x 1  IT 

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Yes, 10mm, but hard to tell the pitch from a picture, but 1mm is common.

Spend $3 on a thread pitch gauge, and another $25 on a cheap dial caliper, and all your questions like this, and in the future will be answered.


 The adaptors on eBay-USA.



But Wilwood would probably have them also.



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I looked and could not find the right adapter you need.Here is my suggestion.

I am assuming your fittings are inverted flare rather than bubble flare.


option 1.

28 inch -3 AN line. approx 70 cm.



3/8-24 inverted flare to -3 AN adapter for master cylinder side.



10mmx1.0 inverted flare to -3 AN adapter for distribution block.



option 2.

Get a 3/16 inverted flare nut (3/8-24 thread) and double flare to your existing line.



option 3.

3/16 inverted flare female (3/8-24 thread) to 10x1.0 male inverted flare adapter.



use with 30 inch 3/16 brake line.


 with this setup the existing nut on the new line will fit the wilwood master and the adapter will go

into your distribution block.


Hope this helps.

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