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ZX Rear Disc Conversion on the 510


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Starting a thread here in hopes of any information provided can end up on search results easier. With that being said, I haven't heard of many people doing zx brakes in the rear, but I'm hoping to find at least someone who has...


My questions mainly pertains to the E-Brake set up. FutoFab sells the brackets, for anyone wondering where to get them. I asked FutoFab these questions, but they weren't sure about setting up the e-brake


Is there interference with anything when hooking up the linkage? 


I don't have an e-brake cable on my car at the moment, so should I look for 510 cables or the ZX cables?


What about the brake lever, can the ZX lever be used? I'd like to use a lever, rather than the 510 pull handle.

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What year ZX rear calipers? The '79 & '80 are a strange caliper similar to stock 510 front calipers. '81-'83 are like the 200sx and Maxima, but they all have different ebrake bracket orientations.


I have Maxima calipers on my 510, and I've been trying to figure out a parking brake. Hydraulic is out of the question. Parking/emergency brakes are mechincal for a reason.

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My thoughts exactly on the hydraulic style e-brake.


The brackets are for 82-83 rotors and calipers.


This would be another story if I had the parts in hand, but I want to be sure they'll do exactly what I need them to before I spend money on parts.

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