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Datsun VIN


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I need to put a front clip on a 1969 510 2 door that was wrecked.. I have a wagon. Does anyone know when Datsun began stamping the VIN in the firewall. I have them stored a distance from me is the reason I have not checked this out for myself.  Thanks

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Yup, VIN stamped on firewall, just to the right of the hood prop bracket, and yup, aluminum VIN tag on the left strut tower facing forward.  Nobody here really cares, but if you are re-VIN'ing a car, you will need that firewall chunk cut out of the "donor" car & PROPERLY welded in place!  Remember, the backside of that "chunk" welded in place is visible to a trained eye.  I walked away from buying a Rotary powered 510, that had a bonded title AND the VIN on the firewall was bondo'd over.......I actually had a buddy in the sellers town go look at the car, and I walked him thru checking all of that for me (I never went to look myself). 

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