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Stewie's 521スカイライン(WorkInProgress)

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I ended up buying a 240sx roller. I stripped the steering and suspension and i am going to swap it all to the 521. Here are some pics of the front crossmember fitted and some mounts please forgive my shatty welds. I have a cheap welder and little experience with it.

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Crossmember mounts are made out of 3x3 angle iron 1/4 inch thick with gusseted ends. This is the second set I made the first set was 2x3 and 1/8 inch thick. They probably would have been strong enough but anything worth doing is worth overdoing so I decided to go with 1/4. They are fully welded edges to the frame and with three large spot welds just to ensure that they don't move and or break. 240SX crossmember and right-hand-drive s13 rack and pinion everything is trimmed to fit and level. Only thing left to do now is drill for holes into the mounts and Bolt the crossing over in. Next thing on the to-do list is the 240SX rear end mounts for the irs subframe and strut Towers.

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Looking good! Just wondering what are you going to do for the center cab mounts.



I should be able to keep the stock cab mounts. I will be makeing a full framed floor with square stock and roll tubing cover in sheet steel. With that and the addition of a full roll cage i imagine it will all be extremely rigid and safe.
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