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Ebay CXRacing. No cutting front mount & rad. Anyone use yet?


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Has anyone used this yet?





I like that it involves no cutting of the car, but is the intercooler too small?  Is the radiator too small?  Looks like it blocks a good bit of air to the rad.


I will be going Sr next winter, and just want to get all my ducks lined up.


Never had/worked on an sr.  I hear they run pretty cool.  Maybe this is adequate?  Will def. have either dual 10/12" fans with shroud.


Im using their (larger) radiator with my rotary swap, which runs hot by nature, and it keeps it nice an cool.  Even when really romping on it, which I do.  


They list it for their rotary swap so I would imagine they tested its performance, but not counting on it!


The Sr will see T28/(maybe potato, but already came with 28) and no more than 300rwhp.  Been reading up on what to get to reach that goal, and have most of it already.  


So opinions welcome...not scared of adding water/meth the cool the charge if sr guys feel the intercooler is too small.




Will have an ac condenser in front of the rad as well :)

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I don't understand CXracing, their sight constantly changes.   We just got a "kit" that was supposed to fit.  had to shorten the rad!!!!  I'll post pictures tonight.  It looked slightly different then what you linked.  

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I bought the same kit. I also had to shorten the rad. Right after I did I saw that they were now offering a "no cut" kit.


It's going to be a crap shoot ordering from CX.



Dude I've installed a few of their parts and never been happy.  Why does the rad bolt through the headlight area too.  So dumb.  

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I had emailed them (the same day I posted this), about the real world testing/application, and they responded today.


They say it was developed for a customers car and it working with out problems in the California weather.  They also said the sr was at stock hp/no modifications, and they could not guaranty it will work with other modifications outside of the stock scope.  They said the car is driven on a regular basis, as that was part of the parameters (as well as the no cutting).


Im skeptical, as I will be upping the hp, driving it hard, and will block it further with and ac condenser.  Not to mention the extra heat when the ac is on.


Can someone give me the measurement from the inner radiator support to the crank pulley on the sr?  The second/middle pulley, as I need it to run the compressor.


Icehouse, would be good to get this measurement from you, as I will be running your subframe.





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My only issue with them was with the radiator overflow nipple.


I wanted to replace it with a nipple that 90's downward, instead of straight out, as it comes.


When I unsrewed the stock nipple, it was 100% cross threaded.  It looked like they just rammed it in there without tapping it.


I had to clean it up, fill it with weld, and then re-tap.  Was just annoying as it was a 2 minute job that turned into 2hrs.


Other than that, it works fine.

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I have their 510 SR swap radiator in my 66 520.  I am happy with the fit.  I had to modify my radiator support to get fan clearance but I knew when I purchased the radiator that I would have to make it fit. 











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Dillon used there "no cutting" rad/intercooler.  Made it to Canby and back without overheat.  It seems to really cut down on the amount of airflow the car gets.  If it's not a track car I guess it doesn't matter.  

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Can dillon chime in, can he log his iat's or his trims?


Does he drive like hes on the track?  



He doesn't really do forums anymore.  He just has a retune on his stock ECU that he says didn't feel any faster than the stock ECU and he drives pretty slow most the time.  

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He doesn't really do forums anymore.  He just has a retune on his stock ECU that he says didn't feel any faster than the stock ECU and he drives pretty slow most the time.


So good thing I went with a rondavis rad.

I must be the only person who got a shitay cx racing rad and sent it back.

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I just heard back from CX Racing yesterday. Even though they advertise this set up for a KA, the upper radiator hose is only available on the driver side like the SR. I was told I would have to come up with a custom radiator hose to make it work with my KA.

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