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Halloween-ish meet/Corn Maze

Loren O

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We are having a Halloween-ish meet/Corn Maze at Fir Point Farms Sunday October 30th Beginning at noon, ending by 5pm.

This is a family Friendly event, open to anyone who likes Datsuns, and thier families.

I have personally contacted the leadership of both Datsuns NW & Northwest Datsun owners Association & asked them to pass along the invitation to thier members.

Here's a link with more information.


I hope to see you there!

Loren O.

Datslocos Oregon V.P.

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Well,I can't really help you, if you don't like your family, but since I know you like Datsuns, you are welcome to attend, & you are welcome to bring your family along,wether you like them or not.



I have never told you my preferences. You don't know me. 



Your original post should be less exclusionary. Every one else gives others the opportunity to choose between one and/or the other. 







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Sorry Rick. I messed up there,I guess. So,let me re-phrase what I was trying to say. Anyone who likes Datsuns (which would probably include anyone reading this post)is welcome to attend, & welcome to bring thier family along,since this event is specifically meant to be family friendly. If you happen to have children, it would probably be a good time to have them try out thier Halloween costumes,& I will bring a couple bags of Halloween candy. If anyone who would like to bring some more candy,that would be appreciated.

There is a small fee for the corn maze, or for $12 there is a wristband available that allows the wearer to participate in all the activities fir Point Farms is putting on that day.

There is also a store,& Deli,etc on site,& a pumpkin patch as well.

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Every event I personally organize is open to anyone who likes Datsuns, & those Datsun loving people are welcome to bring thier family along.

Every event I personally organize will be family friendly(meaning children are welcome ).

Every event I have personally organized is open to everyone. Being a member of any particular club is not required, nor discouraged.

From the very beginning of the planning process, I spoke with Steven Pepka, of Datsuns NW, & Dan Uphoff, of Northwest Datsun owners Association, to get thier input, & hopefully,the attendance of the members of both thier clubs.

Any event I ever personally organize is open to everyone, unless I specifically state that it is a Datslocos only event. It is unlikely that any event I personally organize ever will be a Datslocos members only event.

That would be,in my opinion counterproductive to my goal, of uniting the Datsun community.

At some point, I hope to officially co-organize many events with the other clubs.

Considering that I am Vice President of Datslocos Oregon,

& I personally organized this event, this is a Datslocos Oregon event.

Let me state again however, that this event is open to everyone.

I hope you are able to attend.

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Well,I don't know if it was the weather, or what,but I was the only person who showed up for this event. I waited about 3 hours, just in case, then left. Hopefully my next attempts to organize events for Datsun people will work out better.

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