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Found a 320NL


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I've been in process of negotiating a neglected 320NL. It would make a great little brother to my '55 Chevy Cameo pick-up. The worst part is the missing parts. I can deal with the windshield (found new) and the upper end of the engine, but the tail light assemblies are gone. I'll place a wanted add in the right section, but I was wondering if you guys could give me a guess on what I should offer her. She's a tough lady, knows the specifics of the truck, rarity, etc.. She has researched the parts and is no push-over. The truck is missing a bunch of stuff, but mainly the engine top end, tail light assemblies, no title and windshield. The body is fairly straight, but covered with surface rust.(about 80% of the body) I didn't notice any rust out in the rest of the truck. Any thoughts, Thanks, Zeke

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No title, no taillight assemblies, it really isn't worth much, all it really is good for is parts unless you have another one that the body is too far gone to fix.

I would pay a decent amount for a good/straight NL320 rear bumper.

There is one close to me for sale that has all the parts and a title I believe that could be had for $800.00 if someone jumps on it now, and the guy says it ran when put in the shed, it supposedly has been there for close to 20 years now.

I would have already bought it 5 years ago, but I don't want another 320 that I don't drive, and I don't want  to buy it for the rear bumper and then have to part it out, it actually looks to be in decent shape.

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Looks like the truck in Oregon is twice the truck I am looking at. I think I'll drop it. I get up to Oregon a couple times a year, sure it would be gone before I could get there. I'll keep looking around CA. I appreciate everyones input, zeke

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Well they are complete, I do have that much into one of my Australian sets, it costs a lot to have them re-chromed/plated.

They are very hard to find anymore in usable condition.


I definitely believe it! 

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Damn, that NL is a breathtakingly honest survivor.


Relatively unmolested over it's 52 year life.


Full set of original hubcaps, too. Wouldn't surprise me if the engine crank is behind the seat. And the jack and tool kit too !!


Is black not a pretty uncommon color for 320's ? 


I was in Portland for a week a couple months ago. Had I known about this gem, It would quite possibly have followed me back to the heartland.

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