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510 front sway bar


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Could someone crawl under their 510 and measure some stuff for me? i have no friends with 510s here :(


i need to know how far apart the sway bar mounting points are, how long the arms are, and how far the arms stick out from the side of the frame rail. or the eye to eye distance would work too.


I want to put one on my S10 200sx and some people have told me that one wont fit, but i dont see why not, so i would like some measurements to compare to. from pictures they look the same.


Thanks! :thumbup: 

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THANK YOU 510T, mine measures the same. Mine also follows the same curves has a rear sump futofab bar.


Flatcat, my sump is behind my crossmember, kinda more like a mid sump. It's level to the oil pump then dips down behind the crossmember. There's a bump in it to clear the steering.


I'm convinced enough, gonna order up a bar :) I'll post oics when it's installed.


I will be interested to see how it affects the handling of this thing, the rest of the suspension isn't stock either.

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Are u running lca spacers? My control arms are still pointing down...


Your lca points look raised.. Low as fuck much?


This is weird.. My car looks like the crossmember is off the ground as much as yours but i have miles of room... I have quite a large lca spacer and am running 13 inch wheels.


Im also running futofab lcas and tc rods and i dont think they jack up the tc rod up as much as what you have...


If mine ends up like that ill mount it underneath bre style


Im not sure by "flipping" the way you mounted the lca to the tc rod will affect pro/anti dive... I think you may have increased pro dive under braking by changing the geometry, but that might not matter, cause you have changed your lca mounts and are running a rack.


How does it handle?


Mine is great but a lil tail happy but it does roll over. Im hoping i can get it to push a little and stand the front tires up a little more and pick up some more corner speed, as of right now the thing wont even squeek tire at speeds i wouldnt dare taking other vehicles through... But im going for insanity.


Hard to compare to a 510 though, s10 200sx's are like a big 1200.


Ive had a bit of wine tonight and im fasinated by the shit in your suspension picture icehouse.

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It's on!!!!!!



It took some mods, the arms are about an inch shorter and the center is just slightly too low.


I had to trim the lip on the crossmember back about 3/4 inch to the pinch welds, but not into it. Also the stock sway bar bolts broke off but I had to drill new holes anyway. I ended up moving the sway bar back an inch, then put new bolts in. I also had to trim about 1/4 inch off the sway bar mount brackets.



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