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Gearbox options with an SR20DE?

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Got the engine and gearbox into position, I am going to be able to use the 71C that came with it I believe. Shifter position will work with a modified lever and if I fabricate a slightly different handbrake lever (which allows me to keep the stock handbrake mechanism and fittings etc)


Ordered factory engine and transmission mounts to keep the part numbers simple and to ease maintenance etc, custom mounts to fit go in tomorrow.


Battery relocation kit in hand, ordered 240sx radiator which will fit in the stock location.


I need to relocate the alternator from the passenger side to the driver side but can re-use the mounting points for the power steering and A/C which should help.

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Also do a remote oil filter set up in there .


Good morning - I actually have room for the stock filter location. If that is the case is there a reason to relocate it?

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A couple things--  make sure you level out the bottom of the oil pan side to side to orient the engine correctly.  Many times we will see swappers installing the engine straight up and down which is not technically correct, it should sit at an angle-- you can also check to see that it is level (side to side) by putting a level across the shifter plate on the transmission.


Also, if you need to relocate the alternator, we sell alternator relocation kits using a Subaru Justy alternator (which is about 2/3 the size of the SR alternator).


You can read more about our products here:  http://spriso.com/our-products/subaru-justy-alternator-install-kit/


Hope that helps,



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Hi Michael - that helps a bunch. Had already found the Justy alternator as an option but did not know of your firm or your kits. Will drop you a line separately.


Thanks again for the help.

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