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Help with pinion and ring gear


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Why wouldn't you just re-drill the flange, Mike?


re -  Swapping carriers to get the right axle spline count. It would be safer to swap the side gears with the correct spline count into the existing carrier. That way, you're sure not to mess with the R&P setup pattern.

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I am not sure what you said here, but when I find a H190 gearset/pumpkin I want at the wrecking yard with a large pinion flange I remove it, then I just go find another one the size I need on another gearset and put it on the one I am going to buy, I have done this a few times now without any issues.

I also did this with the H190 LSD I found on that 93 hardbody in the wrecking yard, as I recall the pinion flange was huge, I replaced it with one from the 620 on the next row, it was lucky that I had my electric impact there that day, that was a good day at the wrecking yard, 4X4 C200 carrier, H190 LSD, 521 windshield, rear marker lights, wiper arms, 4X4 leafs, all of it on a half off weekend.

This. 2wd seem all the same. I thought I would simply fit my 620 flange on but it was too small to fit the 4x4 pinion spline. I ended up machining the 620 flange off and welding it to the 4x4 one to get the bolt pattern 



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If the center register is different, then I totally understand. The center register helps disperse the shear loading on the bolts. Without it, there could be problems.


I re-drill flanges often here and I have come up with a foolproof way to make sure it gets done accurately.

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