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Technotoy ZX Front Coilover and Big Brake Issue


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Again, wheel offset does not change the camber angle. It may allow you to run less or more, but of itself, does not change anything. Running camber to 'tuck' tires is a poor way to do this. Any chasce you have wheel spacers that could be removed? I thought swastika rims fit the 510 so are those zx struts and hubs? The zx strut moves the rim inward 3/4" a side..   

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the swastika rims left about 1" reveal past the fender well originally and would never have made the inside of the fender well even if I had cut the prings and it came straight down which it wouldnt have without adjusting camber . removal of 1/4" wheel spacer would leave caliper wedged onto inside of rim.

positive offset rims will allow the spacer to be removed though I may need 16" rims. this should allow for some less camber.


I agree that adjusting camber to fit the rims in the fender well is not too cool. I am also going to raise the coilovers about 1" which will also allow for less camber and also greater range of free movement while turning and hitting bumps.


These are aftermarket ZX coilovers with stock zx hubs. https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/front-coilover-conversion-datsun-510-280zx-strut-casings


If I change out the brakes to smaller front disc then I would gain 1/4" spacer width also but custom rims should also achieve this also.


https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/300mm-front-big-brake-kit-280zx-or-510-using-280zx-strut-casings according to the advertising 15" rims fit over the 12.2" (300mm) brake set. When I talked to the rep on the phone he said it was actually "most 15" rims not but not all".


They also suggested 16" rims with pos offset or 15: with lots of space when I discussed this issue with them. When I get back from working up north in a few weeks Im just going to hit the wheel shop and see what that changes and also raise ride height slightly.


Haha of course I could also rip the brakes and struts out and buy some stock zx struts and brakes and change out the springs to drop it down and keep the swastika rims but Im not that attached to them and they are worth a few bucks anyways to sell....

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2.5 is okay, if you dont have a huge ass sway bar in there it will have good grip with that setup.


If its not hittin the fenders, run it!


Are you autocrossing this thing or gonna run it at mission?



Autocross in future hopefully once my work schedule calms down a bit.  Looks like a blast. 

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Thanks for all the feed back everybody.



Made time to put about 300km on the road before the snow hit and made some adjustments and observations.


Semi Final verdict on suspension (All just my opinion):




Realistically the ride height is too low at top height adjustment. It works pretty good but  I would like to raise it about another inch at some times, but the coilovers are maxed. Also tough to balance as the front wont go evenly at max height to the rear at maw height. The rear goes way higher. I live in a potholed area outside Vancouver. No problem on speed bumps so far.


The spring outside diameter is a bit too big for the 510 rear wheel well. There is a small amount of contact between the spring and the threads on the shock sleeve.Wear began to show within 50k . I assume it is in contact with the inner fender at times also due to there being only a few mm at some areas, but no wear is yet apparent. I need to contact T3 to discuss this with them. Presumably this will be a long term detriment if a solution cant be found.







After raising it up an inch a lot of the fender clearance issues with the wheels cleared up and less camber was needed to clear. No cutting was needed and I was still able to run the swastika rims which I really like.


250lb  spring rate (200 was suggested by technotoy reps) is too soft for me. I find I get some wheels lifting on hard corners. (I have not upgraded the sway bars yet though). I will likely go to 300 plus in the rear. I have the setting at max hardness on the adjustment screw. Further adjustments may help this area as well as sway bar



All the other front suspension upgrades look super dope and obviously assist in better handling to a degree and increased long term durability. Weather they are worth the price tag is in the eye of the beholder. Im glad I did it while I had some extra cash but likely could have lived without most of it.





Semi Final verdict on brakes (All just my opinion)


Realistically the big brake kit is a bit overkill as suggested by multiple members but the car stops clean and fast. Very impressive.

Hard to say if it is worth the clearance issues and I would like to be able to run 14s once in awhile and have a rim collection with some retro stuff in it. Impressive stopping form the 4 pot caliper and 12.4" rotor. 

After seeing what I will have for clearance in and around the master cylinder area after the engine upgrade I would like to add a vacuum brake booster as the leg gets a little sore and what not after driving an hour or two. I have the 15/16 master already and proportion is adjusted to suit.


All in all the brakes work awesome but  a bit of price to be paid with a lack of wheel options. 


They are super cool to look at and drive though. The spacer and studs are a hassle but now that thats done....



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Ill letcha know how my car reacts with the futofab bar, i think it may be a lil big but i was picking up the inside rear tire as well (stock rear leafs that have lots of down travel)


How much droop to you have in the rear? If your running near the end of your travel you need to drop it more.


Or are you picking up a front tire?!

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