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Technotoy ZX Front Coilover and Big Brake Issue


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Hey Crew,


Install vehicle 1972 4 door 510


I recently purchased from Technotoy a Wilwood big brake kit, ZX front coilovers (plus camber plates), Lower control arms, adjustable tc rods and added a used set of Zhubs.


After installation we had to put in a 1/2" spacer to clear the caliper and longer studs.


Main issue is now my 15x6 swastika Z rims dont clear the fender well.


Has anyone got any good ideas or experience with this style of set up? Technotoy wasnt very helpful although it was kind of late of Friday when they got called......







Going to repost in Suspension also

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He didn't say the control arms were adjustable only the tension rods. It's probably that 1/2" spacer causing the problem.




Going to repost in Suspension also


Probably better for me to move this there, rather than having a double post.

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In my experience, Gabe is extremely helpful. Try sending him a detailed email about your issue. You could always buy a set of their gtx2 adjustable control arms as well, available in custom lengths at no extra charge.

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If you shorten the control arm, you've also got to adjust the camber. Do you have a 1/2 inch of camber adjustment up top?


Try a different wheel. Custom wheels are expensive so you may also consider modifying the wheel. I've chucked them up on a lathe and back-cut the wheel for caliper clearance. Depending on where the caliper is actually hitting, this may not be a bad idea.

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Thanks for the suggestions.

Bit of a bummer as the technotoy ad stated that 15" rims would be fine or I may have just got the 510 coilovers and 2 piston calipers.

I wanted the best as I am hoping to do an engine swap to an Sr or Ka over winter and stopping is obviously most important.....

Going to look first at LCA length and maybe get the different model if it is a bit shorter. Call Techno back today.

Hate to grind back the caliper but maybe look at that.

16" pos offset rims seem the possible answer too.

Decisions, decisions.....

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probably only a few very specific 15 inch rims fit over those. circle track type steelies may be one of them.


that's a fuck ton of brake for a 510, your gonna do front flips when you hit the brakes lol.


stock zx brakes would probably been enough for ya. unless your planning on 500+ hp.


rear discs too?

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probably only a few very specific 15 inch rims fit over those. circle track type steelies may be one of them.


that's a fuck ton of brake for a 510, your gonna do front flips when you hit the brakes lol.


stock zx brakes would probably been enough for ya. unless your planning on 500+ hp.


rear discs too?

single piston rear brakes from silvermine went on without a problem. added a brake proportioning valve also and 15/16 master.

Not planning on 500 hp but will have a turbo on a ka24 so about half that in hp depending on tune.

realistically the price was consistent on most of the stuff so for a hundred or so more I thought may as well get the big set, Technotoy stated 15" rims would fit the kit so it seemed the obvious choice as I was already running 15s with good tires.

In retrospect I definitely see your point, I could have saved a hundred bucks or more and had a simple install while still having ample stopping power.

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At this point I may just pull the brakes and get a smaller set and sell the 4 piston as used in the classified. If the stopping power is over the top even with the higher hp and heavier motor as well as having to change rims to high offset seems like it may be more cost effective to start over as well as more practical for stopping power.


Live and learn.

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Thanks for All your guys support and assistance


Pics to follow as its dark as heck here and pissing rain




After many adjustments put to max and/or min on the control arm and tc rods.

a 1/4" hub spacer on each rim

about 5 deg neg front camber  (more to learn in this area this came from the alignment shop)

a trim around the ball joint on the control arm

a trim around the rear fender metal of about 1/4"

multiple long distance calls to Technotoy (they were pretty helpful in the end)

Bump steer spacers which arrived very late to the party

Wheel alignment

Lots of hurt feelings , knuckles and whatnot , Extreme gratitude to Tyson and Doug

Multiple break proportion and ride height adjustments



We are rolling with a decent lowered 510

Pics to Follow 


Thanks Again All

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For anyone ordering the big break kit with the ZX coilovers

Call Technotoy and talk to the guys there.

The tubular control arms are better suited to this application and give more room for adjustments

They have some other tips and stuff also


Or just save the trouble and use 510 stuff they have for a 10% savings in material cost and few dozen bottles of aspirin for the headaches you may get if you take the harder road.

just sayin....

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5 degrees front camber? Thats a fuck ton.. Im drunk and rthat spunds like alot.. Fuck.

5 degrees caster is decent though

the alignment guy called it 5 degrees. I got some research to do on the actual set points. I was thinking 5 was a lot and I m sober at the moment.

It is a lot less than many I have seen . 

I must have heard the guy wrong its like 1-2 deg. negative.

The alignment guy didnt seem drunk

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Looks more like 2.5 degrees I must have heard wrong. 

Positive offset rims will be being selected and installed to lose some camber

Handles real nice but would like to raise her up an inch, which will be maximum height on these coilovers. The rims rub on the slightest corner bumps.

Also need so install some steering stops on the control arms as there are none on the T3 LCA and oversteer is too easy and not cool at all.

Brakes have not had a real test yet as they are being broken in and due to shit weather I only got about 300km on them before I had to go back to work up north. Realistically they wont get a test until the power plant swap happens.



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5 or 2.5% camber is 5% or 2.5% and not affected by wheel offset. You need the struts adjusted or adjustable LCAs 


Struts and LCA are adjusted as well as camber plates


If I have pos offset wheels I will need less camber. 2.5 is more than I would like. I could cut the camber in half if I had pos offset wheels and still be in the fender well .


the camber adjustment I currently have is to keep the wheels from contacting the fender well. It handles nicely but is way more than I need for proper handling in my opinion. though obviously I am not claiming any expertise in these areas.


LCA are adjustable and shortened in as far as they go. The Tubular T3 arms are apparently more adjustable than the style I purchased 


The ones I have https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/front-lower-control-arms-datsun-510


the ones I wish I had since according to the guys at Techno they are more adjustable to draw the ball joint ect. inward https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/510/gtx2-front-lower-control-arms-and-tc-rods-datsun-510

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