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New here new owner aswell

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Hi Peeps I recently got handed a Datsun Bluebird U or 610 as its known. she has some work that needs to be done but I'm in the market for parts.


firstly a am looking for a indicator lense or a set of lights (turn signal) lights that are attached to the grille.


if anyone can help me out or point me in a direction


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Parts for these cars aren't the easiest to find being the less popular brother to the 510.

You can post a WTB (want to buy) in the classifieds section for the lights.

I got mine by posting WTB in my local craigslist. Seems like people are just not posting 610 stuff on craigslist because it isnt popular so you just gotta ask them instead.

you can also troll ebay everyday and see if something pops up.

good luck!

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Get some more oic please.


Also use the I'm code, direct copy and paste

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Looks like the early 610 or before they made them add the park bench bumpers here. What year?

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