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521 KA24 Motor Mounts


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I can only assume that his already works so it is hard to take it apart again. :lol: 




It looks like these work for the longer transmission as well with just and additional set of holes. I am going to drill the couple I have left for the longer trans. 


I will have to get some pictures uploaded. 

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I like your earlier idea to slot the holes for the trans mount.  This would be great for us people that cannot read a tape measure or work with fractions. 


Remember the mens bathrooms all across the USA had rubber (condom) vending machines hanging on the walls.  You new you were in a desolete town when the rubber vending machine only had the one size fits all!  B)


Your trans mount will be like the one size fits all rubber machines!  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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On 9/4/2016 at 9:34 AM, ]2eDeYe said:

2eDeYe" post="1414106" timestamp="1472494139"]


The 620 mounts are 3/4" shorter vertically than the 240sx mounts. 


The 521 mounts are 3/8" taller vertically than the 240sx mounts.


I'll get a side by side picture tonight. 




Both of my mount sets use 620 L20B isolators. 



Another thing I hope to be working on soon is SR mounts for both trucks. I have someone sending me stock SR mounts and willing to test fit them in his 521. 🙂




Reading back through and realized I never took comparison pics. 


Here are the KA mounts 


Passenger side stock 240sx, 620, 521 - Driver stock 240sx, 620, 521 















Passenger side stock 240sx, 620, 521






Driver stock 240sx, 620, 521 




Above is a whole bunch of mounting brackets. I need the ones that will mount a L6 in 520.....lol. Seriously I am still going to do it...my 66 520 doesnt have any provisions...previous owner used cutting torch. ya-all are going to get whiplash....will be right hand drive too.






You have just have a 5-speed swapped in?


Can you take some measurements for me? I'd like to see if my mount would work for just a 5-speed swap behind the stock L series. 🙂


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The 520 will barely fit an L16 in the bay, an L 6 cylinder is too heavy, too long and under powered. It won't clear the front cross member under the existing rad. The engine will sit so far back there won't be room for the gas pedal and the shifter will be behind your elbow. Get a KA which is only half as impossible.

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