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1956 Chevrolet 210 9 Passenger Wagon

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Got her stored a bit better. Didn't realize how much work that canopy was going to be.  :lol: 



Next trip will hopefully get it started and the brakes functioning. Maybe get the front seat out for some upholstery. Or nothing will work and new options will begin. :)





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A hurricane or Tsunami will probably take the house & leave the tent. 55-57 Chevys are pretty 'Heavy' for not so heavy cars. My opinion. Genuine 'Milestone' automobiles. They were our family cars from mid-60's to end of the 80's. Had a building and yard full of them during that period. My first car in high school was a brown with a white top 55 210 four door 'Sleeper' with 58 Vette Rochester injection unit on 283 with 098 Duntov cam. Thousands and thousands of miles in them. Both daughters raised in 'em and 55 Bel-Air sedan was first car they drove. Not to hijack the thread, but I can dig up some photos if anyone wants to see. I can start a new thread. 


An example; My wife Phyllis sitting on the air plenum in early '66 at a family outing at a local lake. This was month or so before we married; she was just fifteen; me eighteen. I'd go to jail now-a-days. Sorry for the diminished photo quality. Taken with the 'Polariod Land Camera' that I got for HS graduation in 66. And a little moisture damage for patina. You can see the rear part of the plenum and the air horn and 4" flex hose at lower right in photo.





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I can see why you married her.


You know we like pictures.


Thanks,Charlie.  I wouldn't take a thousand dollars for that photo.


Nothin' in the world would buy the girl !!


She's still a fox; even on Medicare & SS. lol.



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Trying to get a couple hours a week on this. 


This trip was pretty productive. :)



Carb was replaced earlier this year. 








Got the rebuilt starter installed. 




No longer required. 













Hooked up the battery, we have power. 






Marked the wires and pulled the plugs to crank it with no compression to hopefully get some oil flowing first. 





My niece had the honor of first compression crank. She got first fire.... after I installed a new set of points. :)






I got it to stay running using a squirt bottle of gas but I need to troubleshoot the fuel pump next. Hopefully it just needs primed and maybe a better gravity feed from the temp tank. 



We also did an archaeological dig on the front seat. Found the remainder of the stock covers about 4 layers deep. :lol:

Soaking the seat mount bolts in penetrating oil so I can pull it out next trip. Hopefully I can get it matched and covered for not too much. The rest of the seat covers are in ok shape.   :)




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Damn, that thing got worked a bit by the sawsall.  :sick:


So far the parts I've needed I have been getting the components rebuilt or getting re-manufactured parts. I may possibly need a door latch, but if I can't get the original working I will be getting a new danchuck replacement. 


Thanks for looking out though. I wouldn't mind getting some straight bumpers if I could find some, they are 56 specific and the back is 56 and wagon specific :lol: 

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Last week I went up and swap in a new fuel pump and got the gas can better adapted to run the car. 






Got it to run, she's a little clacky but not much more than the 411 :lol: 




Few more pics of the seat, gonna need some new springs I think... 











I've read that there should be a 210 on the steering wheel center, not sure though. This is still cool though. 






That tarp tent did not make it :rofl: 


I had to go up today and get it away from the car before it did any damage. I'll be heading up again Sunday to drain the tank and refill to get her running all on her own. Then I need to figure out how exactly I want to convert to disc brakes. 

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  • 1 month later...

Been slacking a bit on this, but I plan to make it up over Thanksgiving weekend. This came in yesterday. 




Complete 4 wheel disc brake swap. New power master cylinder and new hard lines front to back. Will have to make a vaccum port for the booster and buy some brake fluid and wheel bearing grease. :) 




Try that with a datsun :rofl:

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Try what with a datsun? Being a wussy and buying upgrade parts that fit perfectly without any effort at all?

Instead of manning up and slowly hand crafting every bespoke piece after hours upon hours of research?


Hmmmm. Once I said that out loud, your way suddenly makes a lot more sense...

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Hey Steve I may have an L6 Chevy 250 marine motor needs a rebuild ( some say the 250 is the best one !), these had factory cams and aluminum valve cover , the block is different maybe mounts are there for car and special metal more zinc ?


We put one of the Mercruiser 250s in a '69 C10 once. Block does have some different holes in it, but it bolted right up in to the truck mounts. Since (IIRC) the 55-57 used the mounts at the front of the engine instead of in the middle, it's tough to say if it'll fit in that...


Obviously had to exchange the water pump and anything else to due with cooling, and the crank pulley, and a few other little things...

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Here comes the hate mail ! I really like straight six and cost to rebuild vs. buying modern six RB25det with auto complete for 1200 300 hp. for cruiser. And you can do it ,they are cheap down here because a lot of people doing LS1 instead and auto trans. I may do my 56 Ford truck with six and black out valve cover.

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  • 2 weeks later...

My buddy Nuff said he kept feeling like he was on one of the bolt on hot rod shows. Everything went together like it was made to go together. :lol:


Still have a ton of work to do, back brakes are next, but it feels good getting something accomplished. 


Sneak peak at the new front seat cover. 




Photos from Friday and Sat. 


The start. 









Got the area cleared for installation 





I still need to order a longer clevis for the pushrod and a fitting for the booster line, but this is installed. 






Fuck this brake right here... 







Darkness falls across the land. 







CJ was lot's of help.






Shiny... this is where we stopped for the night. Good thing as we would delete that upper spacer the next morning. :)







Woke up to rain so we used some bits of the wind destroyed canopy cover and Camp Chevy was up and running. 





More shiny bits









Some plumbing, these things were no where near the nightmare to install that I thought they would be. The long line to the back looks even easier. :cool:







All done for now. The rear will get done hopefully the weekend after next. 









Wrapped it up in the top panel of the canopy, at least it will be somewhat dry....





Thanks for the help Nuff. :cool: 

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