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13" rims on zx struts

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Some 13"s barely fit with some grinding of the caliper. There's two little "ears" that you'll have to grind down to clear the barrel of the wheel, and even then it'll be tight. It will not affect caliper operation or structural integrity. I know Libres and Panasports fit.


There's a pic floating around that I don't feel like finding :)

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Rims are not my style, but ill take the car


It had been through the ringer at that point. Car was rolled on it's side, wiped out the whole right side. That's why the pic was from the left side.  :rofl:


Right after the wreck (no, I did not wreck it, a friend did)...








Replaced the suspension and front bumper, beat out the dents a bit, then sold it off. Just too many bad memories...







But I'm in the process of building a clone of it right now...  


In it's heyday... 



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I have two sets of wheels on my coupe; one set are known as Hotwires and the set are Carroll Shelby Supercars (BBS copies with God center) and both fit. Note I bought the complete front end from Neeley 25 years ago and the calipers had the ears milled as described above. I like mine racers also run a small spacer (.250).



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