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I hate to ask this......but 195-60/r14

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Hi Guys,


Looking for input on tire sizes. Ive google searched Ratsun/510Realm, and other misc sites to get as much info as I can...but its come down to a new thread. I need help with tire sizing as I want to buy tires for a track day (more so get these wheels on my car and the steelies off). The problem I have is fitting tires in the rear given its a 4-door and how the rear fenders/lip differ from a 2-door. I have made a section view cutout of each tire and understand Im pretty screwed with the rear if I go 195 given height. I have small spacers for the front, so that's not an issue.



-1971 510 4-door

-14x6.5 +0 Volk TE-37

-Front 280zx struts w/TTT-Coil-over Sleeves/Springs, FutoFab CNC Lower Arms, TTT Tension Rods, disc brakes, etc etc

-Rear TTT Coil-overs, Orange Line Rear Sway, Futo Fab Camber Brackets (which surprisingly allow for more positive camber adjustment than negative...did I do it wrong?)



-185/60/r14, Dunlop Direzza Star Spec, $120 each

-195/60/r14, Falken Azenis RT615K, $84 each


The question is, how screwed will I be if I buy the 195? I want them 1) for the tiny added width 2) for the price difference. Help me Ratsun wheel Gods!!!!..........and I need to make a photobucket so you all can see what Ive been doing for this car :)

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UPDATE: Buying the 195's tonight. I did some mockup with my current heels and tires and adjusted for the offset change. I think they will work with just a little massaging. If no one gets back to me Ill update with pics in the next week or two when the wheels arrive and I get them mounted!!

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