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6th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic - Registration Now Open

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Registration is now open for the 6th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic on October 1, 2016.


We are set for 2 Days of Fun! Yes you read that right, 2 Days of FUN! September 30 and October 1.

September 30 Join us and hang out for the afternoon at our Sponsors place; Flagstaff Nissan or in Henderson NV with Peter Brock at the NEW BRE Headquarters.  October 1 we meet on the Historic Route 66 in Williams, AZ; The Gateway to the Grand Canyon.  The details are on the webpage.


Check us out at www.nostalgicdatsun.com and click the Multi-State Datsun Classic button and Register while you're there!




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If anyone on this run should have problems. We are in Kingman, Az. Those traveling from Henderson, Nv. to Flagstaff will be traveling right through our town. If you need assistance the offer from last year still applies. We have truck & trailer available. My cell #928-263-0166 if you need help. 


Chopper Jim

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Here we are at the 3 week mark, which mean there is only 3 weeks left to get pre-registered for the 6th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic. This year we have our main sponsor Flagstaff Nissan and Subaru going to be on location with their trailer. They joined us last year and we had a great time with them. We are looking forward to a betting time this year.

We have some great sponsors that have kicked in some great things for our raffles and as usual Dairy Queen will be giving their usual discount to all participants that wear their show T-Shirt in when ordering.  Friday Night meet & Greet is going to be the best ever with an outdoor Bar B-Q so we can continue to hang out around our cars.

Our after show photo shoot will be at the old Route 66 Train Stop. With the Train and the old Route 66 Sign in the back ground of the picture. we are looking forward to this year's show and seeing all of those that we have meet through the years.  Not miss out on the pre-registration, it ends September 9th. Registration the day of the show is $40 and T-Shirts are $20. So get in on this before September 9th, pre-registration is $30 and T-Shirts are $15 each.

Log into: www.nostalgicdatsun.com and click the Multi-State Datsun Classic button.


I hope to see you all in Williams!

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Only 2 weeks left to get Pre-registered for the 6th Annual Multi-State Datsun Classic we are searching not just for any Datsun, But all Datsuns to get registered, more Z Cars would be good. Since the first show it has always been a battle to see which class will have the moist cars, the Zs or the Roadsters and it has always been a push between classes by 1 or 2 cars.  This year it doesn't look at all good for the Z cars, BUT it's not to late, there is still 2 weeks to go to get registered.  After September 9 you will have to wait and register the day of the show. Registering the day of the show is $40 and it is $20 for shirts. Much better to pre-register at $30 registration and $15 for the shirts.  We Will NOT be taking any registrations at the Meet & Greet, this is only a time to check in and pick up registration packets and to enjoy good food and company.  So if you have friends that haven't registered and you haven't come get on board and join us, it will be a lot of fun there is a lot happening. Check our our new things on our website and get registered while you are there. www.nostalgicdatsun.com and click the "Mulit-State Datsun Classic" button.



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  • 3 weeks later...

we had a great time and met some new people and saw some people we met last year 

but the best part is we got to drive our datsun on a great and fun road trip 

pics to come later 

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Pics yo




9 hours to Vegas




We made it 11pm Wed




next day








Heading to BRE




Dinner time Williams AZ, and much needed




Williams Saturday morning
















Christmas time already




Randy took 2nd I took 3rd





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Don't take this the wrong way. I'm glad we didn't hear from anyone over the weekend. It means everyone had a good time and not broken down somewhere. It's all about driving them. Gene, that was not a slap at you. We've been known to trailer sometime also. SWDP BBQ.

Chopper Jim

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Sumbitch, I think I was talkin to the keeper and didn't even realize, or at least talkin to someone in his pics. Good time was had, the wifey took first place in "Datsun Other". She was very happy. Met Gene, talked to Ranman and his wife.

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