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Safari Brn 2dr

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I've this '71 510 since November, just been driving / enjoying it and keeping up with regular maintenance and seeing to issues as they inevitably come up. Slowly I'm making a list of things I'd like to do when the car comes off the road this fall and in the future.


If anyone in the Vancouver area likes to cruise, it would be great to see some local 510s or other dattos!



l20b Bored to 2.2

Colt cam

40mm webers

a bunch of other period go fast bits resulting in a satisfying l20b package

280z 5spd

ect. ect.



Cut 510 struts KYB gas inserts all around

new bushings

fat sway bar up front



Coming in the near future:

engine bay wire tuck

new wheels

front coil overs on 280zx struts

new rear lowering springs

new 2 1/4 exhaust

lightweight flywheel




the list goes on and on






also apologies for the mammoth image attachments, its a work in progress










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Welcome to Ratsun. If you ever get over to the island above Nanaimo let me know. Images, you can never post enough.

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beautiful car!

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August 14th. Blue Lake Park in Troutdale. Be there.

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I thought the license plate gave it away....

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I checked after my original post.

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Pictures are perfect size for me ,,, could use a few more though.. :D


There is a show in Waterfront Park in North Vancouver B.C. on the 28th of August and i am positive your car would be welcome,,, you should sign up it's only 20. dollars entry fee.

  I have nothing what-so-ever to do with this show other than going ourselves,, but follow links in this thread link  and badda bing badda boom. you're in like Flynn .  I believe they will except entries at the gate.. 



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