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What car is this


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Im new here, thinking of buying an old Datsun. I found this one somewhere in my neighborhood that's been sitting around for a while, maybe ill be able to convince the owner to sell it, who knows. It looks to be in good shape. I'm guessing that this is a 710, but I don't know for sure. Hoping to find some more trained eyes to have a look and see. Heres the pics:







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You are right. I am in Mexico.


From what I have been reading the 510's have different differentials also down here, and prob a OHV engine, but we will see. Funny thing the car looks to have been sitting around for a while, the drivers door is unlocked and the key is in the ignition. I do like the grill myself. Gotta wait till my visa is finished and then go ask the guy if he wants to sell it. Hopefully soon.


Whoever owns it seems to be in the process of restoring it, as it has brand new leather seats, looked like with plastic still on em also.

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Back in Canada I can't remember ever seeing a 1960/1970's Datsun car, my Audi in comparison is way more common and those are rare as is, never see those around. Here they are a bit more prolific, not by much, but you do see them around every so often. Those 1960's though, never around here. I'm sure in central Mexico they would be more common though.

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This is a Mexican spec 510 I saw at a car show in my hood. Same straight axle, J mootor, miss matched 68 side markers on a 71 car, totally unique grill and tail lights. The woman driving it told me her father bought it new in central Mexico when she was born. Lost of memories tied to that car.



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