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Hey anybody know that year/model Datsun these rims come off?

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Found lug nuts that work with the ZX wheels.
Also found out the centers need to be opened up a little to clear the hubs. You can see rub marks in these pics.
...and now for another game of which one is stock?
I have 2 types of wheels. 2 of the red ones and 4 of the rusty ones. I am hoping for the rusty ones so I can have a nice set of stockers to swap on whenevah. :cool:
Anyone know?
Red has cap hooks
Rusty has cap bulges.
Took another couple pics of the rear damage to add to the stock or modified decision matrix. I assume this is supposed to be nice and rounded. It's all pretty wacked out currently :lol:
Back clip swap may be in order...if one is ever available...

ZX wheels are gettin dropped off tomorrow to get refaced and the bores open to clear the hubs. Excited to see all 4 on the car at once.   :D
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Aww yeah thanks for the info on the lug nuts, the 411 is looking so sick, love the styling on those cars, SSS for the win!, plenty of doors for all you're whores too mike. B)


If you plan to be at the JCCS on this coming September, I just might have what you need,  A complete 4 wheel set of Datsum Wheels 13 inch by 5 inch standard wheel size.  No Dog plate sub diameter wheel clips, so intened for early 1500 cc PL310 roadster or 410 / 411 sedan with full wheel diameter covers [i really think early 310 roadster] but if you want RL411 wheel coverage, this is the first to what you need! Not willing to ship on spec. but more than willing to share 411 parts at the JCCS.  No charge, so no violation of "no swap meet' restrictions!  Yes, FREE !  But I will not put these 4 wheels in my trunk unless you confirm that you are going to be at the 2016 JCCS either as a participant or as a walk in observer.  If not, the wheel set remains in my goody pile in my garage!

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