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Brand or Names of this wheels??

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Hi everyones!! I just wanna know if you guys know the name of this wheels there are 20s but there are simply awesome. but I can´t find them. because i dont know the name :/.


i hope so one of you know them i appreciate it.






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They look like varrstoen. They used to be called V2s but I think they changed the product name recently because the V2 looks like a DR-20 now


I don't know, knockoff companies probably make it

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Not sure why all the hate.


Even though I'm not a fan of 20"s on 620s, I like the wheels. And maybe it was his priority to have good looking wheels. You know, for years, people have been driving around in 620s with drum brakes. Sure they don't stop well, but hey, the trucks don't go very fast in stock form, anyway. :)

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I think the hate is because the rims detract/steal the attention from the truck. An overstated embellishment sticks out like a sore thumb. In this case, the thumb is bashed with a hammer and swollen to 20". Most guys that love classic trucks have similar good taste in wheels. I feel the same way about chicks with beautiful bodies and oversized fake tits. Just not into it. That said. I have no issue with your appreciation. Rock it hard and love it. I've got respect for that!

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