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521 on d21 frame

dat nasty

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Was riding too low, hit a steel plate in the road. Bent my front radius supports, crossmember for the control arm and the lower control arm. Still drives, just not the straight arrow it was. Going to cut the frame at the firewall narrow and make my own triangulated fronts... Bigger and better things coming. also in the long run looking to redo my back half, links are fine but I want the bags over the lower link instead of the axle 

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Cheaped out on an alternator and after a month it overcharged. Fried my battery, alternator, starter, a couple relays and my air compressor. Swapping in a gm 3 wire and a York ac pump for air. Should be back up by summer. 

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No more external voltage regulator, internally regulated alternators for the ka. It stopped charging for a few minutes and then ran 18 volts for a while and then nothing worked. Pretty sure it had been doing it throughout the day without me noticing because I did notice my starter had been making funny sounds. Starting over with all new components, bigger and better. Eliminating the electric air compressor for a belt driven. 

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4 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

How would it fry the starter. It's only over charging when running the engine. Battery can only hold 12v no matter how over charged it is.

Don't know. drove the truck around most of that day. Started it a half a dozen times, sometimes super slow to start. Sometimes just really loud. On the way home at night I realized my lights really really bright. Looked down and it was 18.3 volts. Truck started shutting off and turning on as I was pulling over and then stopped charging completely so I limped it home. New relays, new battery, everything else unhooked. Starter sounds like a ratchet. Even straight jumped. 

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Viair 400c air compressor burnt up. Pretty sure that's been my electrical problem. Brushes melted and locked up. didn't blow a fuse though. I had taken it apart and inspected it while the truck was down and it all looked good. Picked up a pair of 444c to replace it. Thanks to a fellow mini trucker who sold me his. Little worried about the used tranny I put in a couple years ago but she's been going strong as my daily driverIMG_20210625_212617469.thumb.jpg.c7c6e319d7ed6501acddad10026f74b8.jpg

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