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How To: '73 Bumper Tuck


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Tools needed:


10mm, 12mm, and 17mm wrenches

Oxy-acetylene torch

Drill and 3/8 drill bit

Bench vise



The '73 1200 bumper sticks out away from the body about 1.5" farther than the '71/72 bumper. However, you can not just go down to the corner store and buy the brackets/bumper from a '71/72. So what to do? 


Note unsightly gap:





Remove bumper to access brackets. One 10mm bolt on each end, six 12mm bolts in the middle. 






Make a bolt hole template out of card stock or cardboard.





Next, remove the 17mm bolts holding the brackets to the frame, And remove the brackets. Then mount the brackets in the vise sideways, and get the torch out.





Working slowly (you may need a helper), heat the bends and bend the bracket up to "unbend" them. Remove only the first two curves, leaving the last curve intact. When finished, your brackets should look something like this.





Now take your template and use it to mark and drill 4 new holes in each bracket. You can remove the section with the unused (original) holes, but it's not necessary. 






Reinstall the brackets onto the car and enjoy your new found awesomeness.  :thumbup:






Close-up of the gap between the bumper and body after the bracket modifications.





If you wish to reuse the stock side brackets you will need to drill a new hole in the fender 1.5" behind the stock hole. Once the bumper is installed, both holes will be hidden by the bumper. 


Also note that the bumper is a lot closer to the valence now, so the bolts from the brackets to the bumper are a bit more difficult to install. It's best to screw them in finger tight BEFORE you install the bumper on the car. Then you just just slide a wrench in there to tighten them up. 

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