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Shawn's 521


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The truck is a convertible and will stay a convertible.  He is building a removable hard top for Shade from the AZ sun.  He is using this truck as a daily driver and with a shaved head it is cooking him.


More progress























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If you have not noticed on the windshield is AZ Dime Petitioner sticker.  AZ dimes is a Chevy S10 club here in AZ.  Shawn is the first foreign truck running with them.  Kind of a square peg in a round hole!!!  ROFLMAO

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Shawn Came over today and did some work for me on my 520.


His 521 also received some love, OEM NOS Nissan back glass and new rubber seal.  I also hooked him up with a repalcement speedo, a better set of 720 oil pressure and volt  gages, and a 720 1 piece drive line.











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Plan a trip down here Loren!  I am sure he would be more than happy to take you for a ride.  I am trying to get him to bring his truck to Fontana CA for our SWDP Barbecue on August 12th.


He is afraid of getting it impounded in CA.  I do not blame him.  I 1973 I lost a 1950 Sudebaker Champion to the West Covina County Sheriffs.  Impound and towing came to over $4400 and in the early seventies that was a lot of cash for a 16 year old to cough up.

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He has not finished the roof. He is talking about designing and building a vert soft top that will collapse on it's self.. I told him I wanted to see the removable hard top finished and painted to match.

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Shawn is picking up a twin cam KA on Monday for this truck.  Next time I see him I will get pictures of the new interior and dash the he has done.


Redeye the 521 KA mounts I won from you will be going into Shawn's 521.


He is giving me  his rebuilt Z24 that will go into my 84 720 King Cab ST.

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