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Shoreline, WA

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or work.


dicks is nice and cheap, just bring cash


diamondknot is delicious and in mountlake terrace/mukleteo so probably too much distance


that's about all i know in the shoreline area. would be down for going to cinebarre if it wasn't middle of the week and i had time to catch a movie, could use some good bar food

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Everyone...whatever y'all think. I'm just looking for delicious meats and Datsuns.

Maybe a delicious dark beer or two.


Nanners...we can meet up when you need. No stress.

If I didn't have to work Friday I'd be at your place thursday night.

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You cook your own meat, on a hot rock, while sipping on a brew meeting with you're crew.

Went to place with the hot stone thing in cour'd Elaine in like 2002, its a cool concept.

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Yeah man, you order your dinner, the meat comes raw and they give you an 800 or so degree chunk of granite to cook it on. Either the whole thing or bite by bite.

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Northgate! Represent! 

Depends on how far you want to walk. The mall is right across the freeway. :lol:



Aurora Ave is a short walk from there, but it's not the best section of that road. 

You could easily grab a bus to Greenlake and hang out there all day watching the sites. Lots of restaurants and shit right there. 





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We had a meet at the top floor of the parking garage whereas you can than stroll across the pedestrian overpass and enjoy a noisy burger at the Red Robin or other sights of interest at the malls food court run on sentences rule.......

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