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13" Low Profile Tires

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They aren't common as they used to be. I usually Google the size I'm looking for and the tire rack or America's tire usually have some info. You'll most likely have to order them though.

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Why would you need / want low profile 13 inch tires? Surerly not for your 1964 VW bug! Most OEM 13 inch tires were "80" profile.

Not for my bug but for my B210 cuz I'm getting ready to lower it also cuz I just picked up some 13x7 wheels for the ride..

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If you buy either of those please update with your thoughts after a few miles.

I've been looking to get some 13's as well and these are the only street options I can find.

Haven't had great luck with Federal in another size in a different car so am leary in those. And not familiar with Achilles at all.

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Well got lucky and bought me a full set of hard to find BFG 175/50/13 Euro T/A's with the paper tags still on them. So stoked to get them.. Also picking up a full set of the Pirellis 175/50/13 P7 too..

Deals still out there guys.!!!

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I have the toyo ra1's in the 205/60/13 flavour. They are great. Not good for the winter at all.. They say take them off if its going to be below -7c.. What that is in american weird temperature i dont know. They are R compound tires. Theyre okay in the rain when theyre new, but once they get worn to their badass stage with two grooves left theyre not good in the rain

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I use Hoosier vintage TDs on the race car. 185/60D13 these have a 20.6 diameter, they are bias ply. I'll likely have an extra set at the end off the month, anyone can have if they like as I'll be putting a new set of rubber on before the fall races. Pretty much 0 threadeear, even when heat cycled out they are stickier than any street tire could hope to be. Of course like any good race tire they are lousy in the rain because there is almost no tread. They are also $860 a set mounted and balanced. They are a fantastic tire but they are only good for 8 days on track.

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Avon cr500 and ZZS is available in 245/50r13. High performance, but technically still a street tire. Possibly has to be ordered from Europe though...


Mickey Thompson makes a street legal 245/50r13 as well.

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