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67 411 restoration

Beef Weasel

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I picked up a 411 that hasn't ran in 16 years but ran when it was parked. Clutch goes to the floor brakes are bad looks like it needs new ignition parts unless I can clean them up motor cranks. Needs new seats quarter panel and lock cylinders but I'll try to restore those too. I've noticed there aren't too many places to get parts. Am I at all realistic thinking I can get it street able with $750. Any help would be much appreciated

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..........  Ignition parts are plentiful since they are the same ones in many newer cars and trucks..   Seats , can be retro fitted for pretty cheap ,, who needs locks and straight quarter panels??  Brakes are kinda tough but with a little mixing and matching maybe......... maybe.


It's not really about money it's the lack of parts to actually buy that's the problem,, or the amount of research required to find retro fit parts that will work.

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Dizzy, carb, brakes fixed, new fuel pump, new bearings, new coil (probably wrong ohm) new all fluids (might need seals) clutch stuck it should be a daily soon. New tires on the way. Haven't rebuilt a carb in a long time but i think it should work after some fiddlin. Not sure if I want to clear over rust and all or paint...

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