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Front wheels interfering with suspension

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Hi guys . So my front wheels are interfering with suspension. Trying to figure out how to post pics. I believe the wheels are 15x7 . The tires are 195/45r15. Stock 510 brakes. Do I need spacers or something? I'm assuming this is a common problem

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What's the offset or backspacing? .... they're probably FWD wheels, and you'll need longer studs if you run spacers



You may need longer studs to run slip-on spacers. Bolt-on spacers may need to be ground down to clear the backside of the wheel mounting surface.


General rule of thumb is to engage the same amount of thread as the thickness of the stud as a minimum of thread engagement.  IE: 14mm stud means 14mm of thread engagement.

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The wheels came with the car so I have no idea what offset they are. Is there away to determine what offset they are? and they're in great condition so I Don't want to have to get new wheels if possible. Downloading photobuckt app now.

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Seven inch can fit, even 9 inch but nine inch is very close. The PO obviously did not bother to research how to select a rim with the proper off set or back spacing. Off set positions the rim and the tire in towards the vehicle or out away from it. Too far out is almost unfixable. Too far in could be spaced outward but is not optimal as you may need to replace the studs with longer ones. Correct rim selection is the best, avoid making the car fit the rim. 

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I rike the rook of 195 on 7" rim, stretchy frush style.

Seriously though you may be better off selling your rims and getting some that fit properly depending how badly they hit.

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are they sticking out of the fenders? if not get some spacers as a temporary fix. too much back spacing, they need a lower offset. 


also, as a weird option, try swapping fronts and rears and see if they sit any better. a lot of people run different offsets/widths on the rear tires. have heard story of a guy rotating his tires and having issues because of it before. just an idea

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I'd get infinity j30 wheel studs and a 1/4" spacer and Bob's your uncle. At least you could drive it while deciding what to do.

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Go to a shorter spring with same spring rate. Most of those coils will stack when on the ground. Cut the bottom 6 coils off!!! Raise the adjusters above the side wall.

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