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New 320 owner, 62?

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Have yours rebuilt. I have a local shop that does nothing but motors, alternators and generators. They rebuilt my Sprite alternator for less than $100, paint and all. Boyle Future Tech in Auburn, CA.


Or, if you must buy a new one, buy from someone like Mini Mania who knows their parts - https://www.minimania.com/SI/SearchText/generator

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Is anyone interested in heater stickers if I do another run? A couple people requested them so I'm gauging interest. If I can cover my costs I'll print up another batch.957165585_heaterstickers.jpg.7b4945ae302fc5c65705a9d2283680fd.jpg1049741231_finishedheater.png.da0fa49c1f9150272b2a7863e3d86bb7.png


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Anyone interested in a repop of the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) 320 badge with fresh chrome and fresh enamel. They'll be about $100 a set which includes shipping. It's a very unique piece and the cost is less than paying for new chrome and paint on a factory set of 60HP badges. 


PS stands for PferdStarke which is German for horse power. But I have no idea who did the math that converts 60HP to 55PS. When I use a converter online I get 59.1792 PS. Does anyone know what the deal is?



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