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I'm hoping to get some feedback. I just bought a pair of 280zx struts for my 510. I'm one of those that started out with the "I need coilovers" mind set. After doing some research I'm starting to question my reasons. The only reason's I come up with for going with coilovers are adjustability and wheel clearance. Adjustability isn't all that important once the car is setup the way I want it for my intended use. Wheel clearance may be a consideration as I would like to go with 16 wheels of some sort. That being said I hear there is a lot of wear out the coilover setups and they can be noisy. I'm hoping members that are experienced with coilovers can tell me about their experience. I'm at a crossroads on how I want to setup the 280zx struts for the 510 so I'm looking for opinions and advice.

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http://community.ratsun.net/topic/69730-question-510-280zx-stuts/  This is what I did. Cost was $30. $50 if you replace the oil in the dampers with thicker motorcycle fork oil.


Yes it's totally adjustable but I have never adjusted them once in 4 years because who does??? Stiffness and ride quality is totally subjective and a 300 lb/in that someone else finds suitable won't be for you. Spring rate is all about YOU and what you are comfortable with. Racing is totally different... the spring rate is totally about the car. Find what works for you so you enjoy driving.  

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My spring rate is 150 lb/in. Some would call that pussy but it's 50% stiffer than stock. It's not a race car. I totally enjoy the feel, handling of this car. I'm old. All things equal, a younger driver will put up with a shitty uncomfortable ride and think it's rad and sick. 

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All things equal, a younger driver will put up with a shitty uncomfortable ride and think it's rad and sick.


:lol: Sounds like me, but I don't mind it. The car itself is pretty noisy since I have bare metal floors and side drafts, but the ride quality is good; sure as hell isnt as bad as a car that's twenty five years newer with a set of eBay coilovers. I'm just happy to drive my Datsun. If I want more comfort, I drive my other car.
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Try and use the camber plates and top hats that use a needle bearing for the spring perch, so the entire front end of the car isnt resting on one inch pillow balls, by doing this it takes alot of stress off the top of the strut rod

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