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Lowering the rear on my 521


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Gears for the rear end. I think you have 4.88s stock. For reference my l20b with 4spd and 4.375 gears with my tire size was about 4k rpm at 60.


I'd rock what ya got and see how it is at the 50mph range, and know swapping gears is pretty simple if ya need to. Also, take lots of pics!!!

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Im planning to run smoothies probably from 7-8" wide with some whitewalls i have a j16 not much horsepower so my max speed or common speed im goin is 40-45 max 55 i just dont want wheels gap thats it..


You'll easily be able to do highway speeds with that combination.

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On 7/9/2016 at 6:03 PM, spdcrazy said:

also, tire size like has been said. if you go to small, it is a rough ride and your RPM's will be high on the hwy with factory gearing/4spd/and L16-20b. (been there)


your 195/55/15 or so will be good tho. I am running the same wheel. with a 195-60 to keep diameter close to factory. however the 55 is a more popular fit I believe.







What is the rim width here? Fitment is perfect. 

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