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Lowering the rear on my 521


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No. This reduces the spring rate and allows the suspension to travel even farther on a bump. Let's see, truck has 4" of ground clearance and travels 3" closer on a pot hole at 20 MPH. Remove leaf and now truck has 2" of ground clearance and can travel 6" downward on same pot hole at 20 MPH.


I suppose the truck might be bottomed out on the rubber bump stops and can't get any lower than 2" above the ground. In this case there is no suspension except the air in the tires. Rubber ball anyone? No suspension movement means the shocks can't absorb the energy and mute it and the beach ball tires rebound uncontrolled

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What's the best to lower my rear in my 521 I already have 3 inch blocks but I want to lower more since I still have a big gap like 3 inches more. I want the back to look like to gap

4" is about you can go really, after that you need to c notch the rear frame. I am 4" in back and that's about it. And if you are going to c-notch the back you should just 4 link it on coil overs or bags.

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These are very stiff. You might get away with removing a leaf on these.



720 4x4 leafs are SOFTER than 521 leafs.  they are stiffer than 620 tho.  this is an observation with (3) 521 trucks with the swap.  and if you remove one leaf from 720 4x4 pack, it leaves you with ONE leaf. dont run mono...  


they drop it about 1.5"





here is 3" blocks and stock leafs



and 3" blocks and 720 leafs


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The early 520/l521 were rated at one ton!!! So yes. Later PL521s were rated at 500kg or 1,100 pounds but kept the original springs. Only the figures on the paperwork changed. Forgot about this. I had a '71 and loaded way over a ton on it once. I was more worried about the tires.

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