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Where to get replacement floor pans?


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Has anyone sourced replacement floor pans in North America?


Before I go through the arduous task of trying to recreate some from scratch. Going to buy a hood from the scrapyard of some old car.


But already made ones would be so much nicer :-)

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You can try this guy. Not sure if he's still making them or not.





Also after a quick search I found a post with this guys information. The post was old so idk if the contact is still good but worth a try.



"Try contacting Mark Grimsley (Arlington, VA area). He has been making both front and rear floor pan patch panels of 18ga. steel for 6, 8 or more years.

He also makes rockers.

Mark's email:rediron07@comcast.net

and his number is 703-490-2032 "

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VW rabbit pans almost have the same dimensions as our 1200's


You can get both sides shipped new for under $200.00






Matt have you done this personally?   I'd like to know before I lash out $200 and give this a try


Also which one is it?  There are two different sets of floor pans.  These ones called "half" ??



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I have to finish taking my car down to just a body.


Suspension is still on it and the motor needs to be pulled. Work keeps me really busy :)


If any community members want to come help take it down to the shell. Scooter can get on the floor swap when all that is finished.

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How confident are you that the VW floor pans will fit?


Its the only thing keeping my coupe from registration.


I know they will fit. I bought a driver side and passenger side.


Your pans are not as long as these, but Tim will trim and dolly some of the extra material off these to get them to lay in correct. 


If you have decent patterns of your pans there is a guy here on the forums that can make a set for you. He has said he needs a pattern to work from. I am trying to find his thread now.

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