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4dr SRVE proud new owner!


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Came yesterday!! New rear 14x7(0) to replace the 6.5's. Not sure if I should just pay to swap

Both tires over and risk them not fitting or just one to test fit than go back for the other. Lol. They should fill in the gap and give me the staggered look I was after.



I might sell the pair I have left over after I'm done setting/figuring this out. :).

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So the new wheels looks perfect but the tires were a shade to wide, If I go to a down to a 185 she would tuck under with zero issues. So once I burn up these rear tires, il put them on. :)

I was rubbing on that little L shaped piece which is the rear door sill. Not too bad but Just enough to piss you off. Lol.

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Looking cool man. I thought of her today. Thought I would stop by.

A new windshield will make you want to drive it more and more. That thing was horrid with the sun right/wrong.

That diff gives me a chubby. Makes me smile. Paint is cool too.

Enjoy the drive.


oh... have you reset the GPS speedo top speed?

Did you top it? 120 was freaking thrilling.

Take care all. Be safe.

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Great video, when you lower a car right on coilovers, can you still be able to have an alignment done to your car.. . If it's not a stock height the alignment goes off..


Yes, you can get it aligned still. But you should have it aligned any time you adjust the height. Some places want to charge by the hour if the car is has coil overs or deviates from the stock settings. I ran into this.. but eventually just took it to the Nissan dealer of all places. (My friend worked there and I got a deal)

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I had it aligned after I installed and set everything up but that was before the cv conversion. Now that I can go a little lower, might just spend the 100 buck to get it done again.

Anyone have any #'s for a good road/track set up?




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-2 camber

1/8"-3/16 toe out

As much caster as you're comfortable with but I would say 5 is a good spot.


That is what I am running, was suggestes for a mild track set up and it works well.

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-2 camber

1/8"-3/16 toe out

As much caster as you're comfortable with but I would say 5 is a good spot.

That is what I am running, was suggestes for a mild track set up and it works well.

Wait a second, -2 camber that means the top of your front rims are leaning towards inside but isn't going to wear out more the inside tires.. not wearing out even.. ? What about the rear wheels how much camber, +0 shouldn't be ok since it's going nothing but straight pushing the car forward, but the front wheels does the play left and right.. shouldn't be ok a -0.5 or -1.0 camber ? OR it depends the track size autocross (no drifting) if the corners are shorter tighter or long smooth curves.. ? I ask this questions more leaning towards autocross/circuits.. time attack but no drifting, I don't want that lol I want in and out as quickly as possible without loosing control or taking high risks as drifters do on corners.. .
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High camber allows aggressive turning because as the weight rolls on to the outside tire, it rolls onto the tread, maximizing contact patch through the turn. this reduces straight line contact and increases wear characteristics but those matter less on the track. 2 degrees is far from extreme for a tracked car.

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-.50 to -1 camber in the rear but you get that naturally with the 510's independent rear suspension.


The negative camber and positive caster are for more aggressive track use, camber to allow for the tire to flex and caster to initiate the turn faster and keep the camber angle more progressive in the radius of the wheel movement.


I've been running this setup described above for more than 5 years and it's will work for a street setup.

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