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Datsun 510 Steering Gearbox Swap

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I read once that the steering gearbox from a Datsun B210 ( could have been a 610?) has a higher turn ratio than the stock Datsun 510 (70-73) gearbox, and that a direct swap is possible. Has anyone ever done this and how do you like the results?

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The B-210 box certainly contains some of the discontinued parts and bearing needed to rebuild a PL510 box, not sure if it will swap.... probably. The A10 ('78-'81 HL510) box will.


The 710 (and likely) the 610 box looks exactly like the 510 box.  

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Awesome. Thanks for the tips. I guess I should have said I'm looking for a "closer ratio" gearbox. I found some other articles online about it and will post them back here.

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