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620 project "TBD" - dd

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Beebani makes coil over kits for the ball joint 620"s. But you will need a custom upper a arms which he also sells.  Pics show custom a arm with two inch drop spindles with slotted drilled rotors



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I picked up Beebani's coilover kit and adjustable a-arms. They shipped quick and look great! 

I'll do a detailed install as soon as i'm ready, but in the meantime i documented the full disassembly of a front corner.


Too many pictures to paste individually here, so i started a google photo album.


It was more of an archaeological dig than a mechanics endeavour, but it was well worth it.

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Welcome.  No such thing as "Too many pictures to paste individually here!"  We are picture whores.  LOL

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It's been awhile since i've posted. I've made quite a bit of progress and gathered most of the parts I need. However, i just accepted a job in San Mateo which means we'll be moving by the end of the year. That means I either need to find someone to finish the pickup for me, place it in long term storage, or sell it. I'm leaning towards the first option, but have no idea how to go about finding a trust worthy shop that will do a good job - any suggestions either locally here in Washington or in San Francisco area? 


Here are the latest photos. The engine is ready to be assembled, the torsion bar adjustment brackets have been shaved off, there's a small rust repair needed at the rear of the fuel tank mount, otherwise the frame is ready for Por15. 


IMG_20170611_210908.jpg IMG_20170618_154744.jpg IMG_20170618_161309.jpg


IMG_20170618_161315.jpg IMG_20170618_161321.jpg IMG_20170618_175935.jpg


IMG_20170618_175943.jpg IMG_20170618_175956.jpg IMG_20170618_180010.jpg


IMG_20170618_180022.jpg IMG_20170618_180029.jpg IMG_20170618_180034.jpg


IMG_20170618_180038.jpg IMG_20170813_155208.jpg 



This is the style i'm going for:


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Saw your ad. Try hitting up Stoffregen Motorsports. He's an active member here, loads of Datsun experience, and professionally swaps engines and builds trucks for a living.

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