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I guess read the Lucas label or contact them about being compatible with copper/brass/bronze alloys.

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My question is on the same lines but with regards to gear oil weight. I live in southern AZ and do some 1 1/2 hour  highway driving during the summer where the temp gets to 115f  ambient.  I am concerned about trans and diff temps so I am thinking 85w140.  It doesn't really get cold here so I am not overly concerned about the lower temp thickness.  Does anyone have any recommendations for gear oils in this region of the hot ass SW?

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140 w is good to 50F and is a bit thick below that till it warms up from use. Probably ok in the diff. Get and us GL5 if you do.


140 w in a transmission may cause hard shifting when cooled down or cold. I would look at GM Delco Synchromesh Transmission oil. It's GL-4 rated, synthetic so very resistant to heat breakdown and quite thin so easy shifting when cool or cold. I used it last winter at about -5C or 20F with no noticeable changes.

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I just got done changing both trans & diff out to 85w140, since it's rather warm here in Texas.

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