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Hi from Alaska and resurrection of a 66 520


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Hey Ratsun! Long time since I've visited. Moved from WA state in 2007 to Kodiak AK. In 2010 I brought my 66 520 up. Taught my oldest to drive stick in it but the clutch was on its way out in 2012. Life got busy and now trying to get it back on the road to teach my next kid to drive stick. Things to do: replace clutch and pressure plate. Have parts already. Rebuild or replace starter. Need to figure this one out. Repair or replace heater core. Need to figure this one out. Once running and moving, check out brakes get tags and insurance and drive.

Any thoughts for sourcing parts?

For those who don't remeber me, specs are 1966 Datsun j-13. Rear gears 3.89 from a roadster. J13 rebuilt with forklift J15 parts including larger J15 valves. Cam reground to RV specs by Crower Racing. Rods R&R'd by Crower Racing. Replaced Datsun rocker assy with MGB 1800 rocker assy. Brake master replaced with dual resevoir from a 240Z. Was my daily driver in San Diego from 1999 to 2003 and daily driver in WA from 2003 to 2007.

Anyway glad to stop back in to the Ratsun community! Hey Mike! You going to the Portland meet this year?


Garry in Kodiak, AK

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Welcome back. I spent 3 summers living on Kodiak island. Gorgeous place. I worked inside the International Seafoods factory down on cannery row making salmon caviar. Even lived one summer in the bunk house with all the Philippinoes. Great people, good times. Rough getting parts out there though.

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