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Broken torsion bar?


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So i hit a bump in the road today and my passenger side front end collapsed.... when i got home and jacked her up, this is the only thing "broken" / out of the ordinary i can recognize at the moment.



Any ideas as to what i can do to fix this?


That end of the torsion setup is now able to move freely, does that mean something internally snapped?

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The bar should go all the way to and engage a spline on the lower control arm at the front. You can see the front on the left. By tightening the left side upward the torsion bar twists counter clockwise and pushes the left control arm downward, raising the front end.


The right side does the same thing.





Here is a right side torsion bar looking forward from under the passenger seat. Ahead you can see where the front engages a spline on the lower control arm. Have a look.




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The bar is not broken. It seems tight - as in i can not rotate it. Unlike the piece in my first picture, which ca be easily rotated. I lifted the front end about an inch last week, by adjusting the two nuts on the rear arm(your first picture) and everything seemed good until i hit this bump.


What would have caused the release of compression which is indicated in my picture.

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